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  1. Hi guys,

    how can i animate a sprite when i move it with touchpad?

    i want to have an animation when i move the player using
    the touchpad in libgdx

    anyone that can help me?


    • Hi Stefan,
      I am terribly sorry but our website is rarely updated these days and we are no longer activly developing games using libgdx due to work commitments. I would recommend that you visit the libgdx chat:
      Connect to channel ‘#libgdx’ over at and ask your question there. Or you could try the official libgdx forum, !

      Other then that, I suggest that you try to provide a bit more information about the use-case you’re trying to accomplish! I would, however, assume that there is a libgdx animatation class that you can use and simply ‘play()’ the animaton once the event occurs – but again, your best bet is the libgdx irc channel!
      Good luck with solving your problem!


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