This page contains source to some of the techniques we have coded. It will continue to be updated as we release more open source projects.

Tiled Forward Shader

An implementation of a tiled forward shader, specializing in top down - or almost top down - lighting. Tested on three different devices so far, and performs almost twice as fast on all of these - allowing around and over 20 dynamic light sources on mobile.

The source can be found at google code.
There's also a precompiled APK if you are interested in testing performance on your device. (If you do, please let us know how well it performed!)

Normal Mapping

Normal Mapping is a great way to make 3d objects look much better without needing to use high amount of vertices. Our source for this provides everything that is needed, including textures to try with, shaders, and a special ObjLoader written by Stefan Wagner.

Source can be found at google code.
A demo of what normal mapping (and our project) looks like can be found over at YouTube.

Height Map

A small implementation of a heightmap. The source for the actual heightmap can be found here.

Animated Billboards

Animated billboards is a common and useful way of adding explosions and similiar to a game. We share our idea for our implementation, as well as the source code for it. The source is also very similiar to a particle system, and can easily be used as such.

If you need to implement batched particles or batched animated billboards into your game, take a look at blogpost for all of our source, aswell as some description of what we're doing!

You can also check out our video, showing what the animated billboards look like in our game!