[LD] Ten Second Sketch

This game was created during the game jam competition Ludum Dare. In order to submit to the competition, one must make a game in 72 hours. This is our second submission as a team to the competition, and once again we are very satisfied with the results.

The game is a runner of sorts, where our main focus has been graphics and simple gameplay. You only have one objective! Complete the levels in less than 10 seconds each to advance in this sketchbook runner!

We're very happy with how we manage to create quite a few interesting levels with the limited elements at our disposal. If you would like to cheat and skip a level, you can press "h". If you would like to go back and play a previous level again, press "j".

The game can be played at http://www.dagger.se/LDAug (HTML5) or downloaded at http://dagger.se/ludum/ldaug.jar (runnable jar).
For best experience use Google Chrome for the web version. For the ultimate experience, use the jar file!

We hope you enjoy playing our game as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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